1. Liquid Courage (Prod. By EOM) 

2. You Ain't Shit Man (Prod. by EOM)

3. What's Your Name? (Prod. By EOM)

4. Tongue Tied (Prod. By EOM)

5. The Adventures of Larry and Tina (Prod. by EOM)

6. Sunday in the City

7. Summer in the City

8. Solidify (prod. by EOM)

9. Wax & EOM ft Herbal T, Raw B and Bakktron - Ridiculous (prod. by EOM)

10. Wax & EOM ft Herbal T - Tijuana (prod. by EOM)

11. It's All Love (prod. by EOM) 

12. Last Resort (prod. by EOM)

13. Wax & EOM ft D Pryde - Air Timpani (prod. by EOM)

14. Wax & EOM (ft Android and Bobby Bloodbath)

 - Concerto del Muerto (prod. by EOM) 

15. Slaughterhouse (prod. by EOM)

16. Help (prod. by EOM)


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